What is NAIS Certificates?

Here at NAIS Certificates, we provide YOU the client the ability to check and see if the Private Investigator you just hired has any certificates from NAIS, and when they expire. NAIS is committed to ensuring that you have a Private Investigator that is trained in the skills you need. All you need to do is enter the Private Investigators name or the company and we will show you the current certifications that are held by that person or company.

Enter the exact Company Name or PI's Name. If you get no results, it could be a misspelling. If you still get nothing email us at: certs@naiscertificates.com



How to get your certificate listed.

If you are a Private Investigator and a member of NAIS, you need to be listed here. There is NO FEE for listing your certification here, you earned it. To be listed, please email: certs@naiscertificates.com and we will send you the information you need to get your certificate entered.

You can find out more at: http://www.pimall.com.